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Vitol Travel Services can customize your ideal vacation to fit your time frame, and budget. Look below for different vacation ideas, but we can also create something more than listed below such as South America, Hawaii, Central America, even Asia!







The Caribbean hosts many beautiful beaches, challenging golf courses, festive nightlife and exotic cuisine. With all these qualities combined the Caribbean is the perfect option for those seeking an island escape.






Mexico remains the most visited country by U.S. travelers and the tenth most visted country in the world. Mexico's warm weather, friendly people, geographic proximity to the U.S., affoardable pricing by luxury travel standards, rich history, and distinct travel options make it ideal for short and long getaways.







With unmatched diversity in destinations and accomodations, travelers can experience the European vacation of their dreams. So many countries rich in ancient history one can virtually step back in time. Explore archaeological ruins, learn to cook traditional meals, soar in a hot air balloon, stay in a private villa, or charter a private yacht.







Just across the international dateline in the Southern Hemisphere lies a dream destination. Australia and New Zealand offer a myriad of activites --- from shopping in metropolitan cities and sampling local vintages to tramping through rain forests and sighting exotic wildlife. Experience all the wonders that keep the Land Down Under at the top of many travel lists.


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